Monday, June 11, 2012

Unswaddled Naps

This blog may skip around a bit until I have a chance to re-arrange the timeline. So since I've shared a little background to start, now I'd like to jump to present time and share a little current news in my Non-Mythical Mommy world.

Hannah has slept swaddled since we figured out that she wouldn't hardly sleep any other way somewhere in her 3rd week of life. However, shortly after 4 months, she figured out how to flip onto her belly, even in her swaddle. We decided that was a dangerous way to sleep, and figured we had to unswaddle her. This was the result:

After several days of that, we gave up and reswaddled, at which point she decided she liked sleeping on her back best anyway, and we were all happy again. But really, at almost 6 months, she is just about too big for her little swaddlers, and she needs to learn to sleep without them anyway. We've been successful at nighttime since we first tried unswaddling, but naps are a different story. Until this week. I can now get her to nap in the morning, unswaddled! Afternoons, not so much. Maybe next month.

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