Friday, August 28, 2015

Hoping Again

I am having a major sense of Deja-vu. Well, no, I am actually past that point by a little bit. This week, we received, signed, notarized and mailed an update to our embryo adoption contract. We have a preliminary ok, and are waiting for the final word that everything is in order with Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park and our contract will be open for another 12 months. I weaned Ellie a week ago, and met with the Reproductive Endocrinologist this week to re-establish care.

It was approximately at this point in 2013 that I did *not* wean Hannah or sign a contract or go back to the RE's office. At that point in time I was nervous about proceeding with another embryo transfer (when  I thought we were going to do one). Right now, I am excited and hopeful. Other than the whole medicated cycle deal, I feel emotionally like I did when we were hoping to conceive 7 odd years ago. I have every reason to believe things will go well, and am looking forward to the process, and it's really hard for me to fathom that I am in this place again. Talk about restoring the time the locusts had stolen!

I am not the person who normally would post this sort of thing. With my previous pregnancies, I barely mentioned them online at all. That was largely because I was coming from a place of loss and self-protectiveness, which was absolutely what I needed at the time. Right now though, I am not in that cocoon mode. I feel very whole, and I am not afraid to chronicle this process as it unfolds, whatever the outcome.

That being said, here's what I know is coming up:

1.) I have to wait until my next period to put 1 full cycle between nursing and transfer prepping.
2.) I am waiting for the final word that the paperwork is complete, and that should come within a month; I'm not expecting any delays on that front.
3.) Once my next cycle starts, I have a script for continuous-dose birth control to start shutting down my ovaries. Last time I was on that for 6 weeks prior to transfer.
4.) I will need to have a hysteroscopy before I'll be cleared by the RE to be placed on a transfer timeline. (This is new, last time it was a sonohysterogram).

After that all clears, I'll get meds ordered and get a schedule for monitoring and transfer! Also, to my great relief, I learned that my RE's office has a satelite 20 minutes from my house so I won't have to make the 5 hour round trip again until the actual embryo transfer.

The girls went with me to the appointment and Hannah got to meet the doctor who put her in my tummy. He was so glad to see them, and I got to be properly mortified that all Hannah wanted to do was flip upside down in the chair and show her bottom side. *sigh* They even had her birth announcement in my chart- what an amazing experience to be in that office without the anxiety and sense of dread I remember from before.

The other highlight of the week was getting Ellie's next clothing size unpacked and discovering that one of the little dresses matches one of Hannah's. It must have been a really popular style, both of them are hand me downs! Here are the little darlings the morning of my RE appointment.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Sad Demise of the Fancy Camera

Remember the Fancy Camera? The one we got shortly after Hannah turned 1? The one that takes awesome pictures with almost no effort? It's blinking "ERR" which means... call Nikon and see how much it would take to fix it. But.... I can get the same camera body on Amazon for less than $150 (yes, it's an old model, but I really don't care because I'm not a "photographer" by any means), and it will likely cost at least that much to tinker with the one I have, if not. So I want a new camera but I'm not getting one right now because it's just not happening right now. And the lack of nice pictures has put a damper on my blogging aspirations. I'm just not inspired, haha!

Now I have my phone- still much better than the point and click we replaced with the fancy camera. Plus, it takes video, so that is a plus.

One of the reasons I am not getting a replacement camera body right now is because I have a new sewing machine. This story of the new sewing machine comes with the rest of the story of what we've been up to the last few weeks.

It goes like this:

The girls started preschool at a Montessori school a few weeks ago, which allows me to pick up some extra home health visits for a while. They go 3 days a week, and Ellie takes a nap while she's there. She needed a nap mat. All the affordable ones had Disney princesses or Dora plastered across them, and all the ones I liked were not what I would consider affordable. So I decided to make one from some old sheets, because... it shouldn't be that hard, really.

Now, I like to sew, but my machine is decades old, basic, and quirky. It got progressively worse as I tried to sew these few simple seams, and I was in tears by the third night of what should have been a 3 hour job. So my neighbor gave me her second-hand machine that she didn't want anymore, which was rusty but sewed a seam... but the bobbin winder didn't work. I therefore had to keep 2 machines out, one to wind bobbins and the other to sew seams, and I kept fantasizing in my head about all of the things I've always wanted in a machine and isn't it high time to get a new one?

I finally churned out this (please don't zoom in and examine the seams- it's painful):

Passable, but it could have been much, much better. Then I started researching machines. I checked out Craigslist, but nothing available fit the bill. I looked at Berninas (My mother has one that I learned on), but they are soooooo expensive. I looked at Brothers, but have always been unimpressed with their quality track record and didn't want to sort through which machine might be worth it it and which models were probably junky. I finally visited a local sewing store and found the Babylock. Yes, similar to Brother structurally (but not, I found out, the same company- despite some claims that it is). 

I bit the bullet, and bought the one I wanted new, and I rarely buy things new, but this one was worth it. I sat down the next evening and made Ellie a skirt for her uniform. Do you know nobody makes Khaki skirts or scooters in any size smaller than 3T? Why don't they think 1 year olds want school uniforms too? Really now. So, to sum up, it took me 3 days to sew a silly nap mat with the old machine(s) and 1 evening to tailor a scooter skirt with the new one (and I even modified the pattern to suit my needs). 

Well, Hannah is absolutely loving preschool. Ellie adapted quickly, but Hannah can't wait. Every day she asks me if it's preschool day, and she has been picking "pre-school hair" for me to do on her from my new favorite website Babes in Hairland. Ellie has only had 1 accident for them in the last 2 weeks, so I'd say she's good and potty trained even with a change in location and routine, and that makes me happy too.

Preschool babies!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pool safety prep

Our state boasts the highest preschool drowning rate in the nation. When we did our homestudy, we would have had to do extra education if there was a body of water close to our home (there wasn't). However, water safety and my kids is high on my list of Things That Scare The Living Daylights out of me. I'm a strong swimmer, but that doesn't mean a moment of inattention and water naive children won't have horrible outcomes. So, I was so glad to get Hannah in swimming lessons this year. 

We went to the local pool for a 1/2 hour lesson every day for 2 weeks. She now has a good idea of how to kick, hold her breath for a brief dunk, and has started using her arms when guided in a swimming motion. I wouldn't say "she can swim," but her awesome teacher has brought her a lot closer to it. While she was in lessons, we brought Ellie in to the pool ourselves to start getting her used to it and hopefully show her some floating techniques as well. She got a little freaked out by being rolled on to her back, but she at least isn't panicking the moment her skin hits the water anymore. 

Next year, they'll both be in lessons, for sure.

In other news, Ellie is doing great with the potty. She's starting to go on cue when sat on the potty before we leave the house, as well as only signalling when she actually needs to use the facilities (and going immediately when I take her). I'm thinking about putting her in underwear and seeing how she does with that. She is not taking herself even though the little potty is always available to her, so I might as well.

The funny thing about potty training is that I noticed that she does soft grunts a lot while breathing. I kept thinking she was going to poop.... but she wasn't, she was just breathing. I mentioned this to the ARNP at her appointment, and she ordered us an echo-cardiogram. She did hear a slight murmur, so we'll see if any of this is contributing to the other. I took a video- it's not great quality, but you can hear it really well at the end. The little noises that sound like a tap are the grunt sound, it's just echoing a bit in the bathroom where we were.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Flapper Girls Take the Town

This past Saturday was a big, big night for Hannah and me. It was going to be a big, big night for all four of us, but Little Miss Ellie threw a fever at the last minute so Daddy stayed home with her and Hannah and I went out and about. Because Ellie was fine until early afternoon, we all dressed up anyway and took pictures before heading out the door. Hooray for Goodwill. Seriously. And online tutorials on hair and makeup, since I wasn't about to bob my hair.

So, off we headed to my sister's murder mystery party. I had thought the cousins were going to be there, but they weren't so it was just Hannah. She ended up "playing" the part of the mayor whose assigned person didn't show. Apparently, my sister is a master sorceress and ordered up a thunder storm just for effect. And, I didn't do it. Neither did Hannah, so we escaped unjailed. Hannah was ecstatic.

After that, we went to my best friend's speakeasy party, where there were little friends for Hannah to play with. My bestie is currently across the country doing a fellowship as an oncologist, so we hardly ever get to see each other. The little girls danced the night away, played puzzles, and learned to gamble (i.e., they counted chips and rolled/ threw dice). Hannah did not go to sleep until we finally left at 1am. Of course, she was still up at 7am Sunday morning, the rat. 

Obviously we had fun. This week, we are doing swimming lessons AND Vacation Bible School. Sam got into a continuing education class last minute, but next week he's off again and I'll be able to get some swimming lesson shots. I'm really glad she's in them since child drowning is such a big issue in my state. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Miss Scarlet in the Dining Room. With a Knife.

Cherry season is here! Bwahahaha!

This week has been largely uneventful. This weekend we have two parties though, both "speakeasy" themed, so fun pics will happen, I'm sure. We totally hit up Goodwill today as I had nothing even modifiable- my wardrobe is decidedly more 50's- perhaps because my figure matches the ideal of that decade better. Now I have to decide how to do my hair- faux bob, or nape of the neck roll?

Friday, June 12, 2015

Zoo! Also, potty training, week 1.

This week, we got those passes to the local zoo we've been talking about and went!

They had an exhibit of fossil finds in our state, including R.O.U.S.'s. No kidding. Read the sign, haha.

Hannah rode "Morla" (My name, not the zoo's), and Ellie got scared to death of the otters. In the first picture, she hasn't see one yet. The second one is the one I snapped right before I realized she was screaming like a banshee.

For non-animal fun, they had a giant chessboard, and a splash pad for the littles! I'm really excited about this place. We'll probably go back next week, maybe with the cousins.

In potty training world, things are going pretty well. Now that I've done this early training bit twice, I have a few observations that seem to have been a constant between both girls:

1.) "3-day training" is a misnomer. It's more like a 3-day kick-start. By the end of the first day, both my girls had developed a signal that cued me to take them to the bathroom. By the 3rd day with Ellie we had caught a couple of pees, a poop, and minimized accidents. By the end of the 3rd day with Hannah, we had just learned to avoid accidents, but not actually gone in the potty. Progress to consistent holding and releasing takes a lot more time than that.

2.) If you want your kid to be able to remove himself from normal activities and come and alert you he needs to go, early training isn't the way. Little ones do give signals (mine have both patted themselves while making eye contact), but that doesn't always mean they're going to go to the bathroom if taken to the potty, and if you aren't paying attention, they'll give up really quickly and just have an accident instead. So Constant Vigilance is crucial, and it lasts like that for a few months. If you can't/don't want to spend that much time watching a baby who is minimally verbal, don't early train.

Mr. Myth and I take turns being on "baby watch" for those first few weeks. It's really easy right now because he's home all day every day so there's not so much stress on me.

3.) Sitting on the little potty really doesn't happen, because they can stand right back up instead of waiting a bit to actually go. The potty chair I got has a detachable seat that fits on the big toilet, so I have sat both of the girls on the big potty where they can't get down. This is an advantage over big kid training, because your big kid can get off the big potty too. Ellie typically holds it until a meal or snack time, so I've found myself feeding her finger foods while she sits on the big potty, and then once she's peed she goes to her high chair. Whatever it takes to keep her happy long enough to go.

Now that we're a little over a week in, she's getting quicker about going pee pee in a timely manner, and soon it will be automatic. Hannah peed on command almost immediately after she figured out how to go on purpose, and that wasn't until about 3 weeks in, so I'm hopeful it won't take too long this time either.

4.) Outings aren't really that scary. I put a diaper or a puppy pad (incontinence pad) under the bottom in the car seat for a while (a month or two) and keep the bottom bare on outings too. I bring the potty seat with me. It does make shopping a pain for a bit, because I take her to the potty when we first get there, any time she signals, and again before we leave, but it's worth it in the long run.

5.) Naps and Bedtime are still diapered until the girls are waking dry on their own. Sleep wetting is more physiologic/ developmental than trained, and I don't consider cessation of night wetting to be a potty training goal.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer is Nigh

For the first time ever, we are about to experience an honest-to-goodness summer break, and I am so excited! I don't have a newborn, Sam is not job hunting, and we get lots of weeks off just to enjoy our family.

To celebrate, I decided to try to potty train Ellie. I'm probably nutso. Hannah trained at 20 months, if I remember correctly, using some version of the "3-day method" which is recommended for 15 months of age. Ellie is 14 months... but summer is starting! What better time than now, when Daddy is going to be home with me to watch her like a hawk?

I started 2 days ago, which makes today day 3. And no, she's not trained like the method name implies, haha. She's doing the same thing Hannah did, in that once she realized that she's not supposed to go on the floor, she just holds it and holds it as long as she can. Today, we caught the tail end of a pee pee in the potty- she was running towards the bathroom while she was doing it, so I'm pretty sure she's got the idea. I'll be so excited if she's out of diapers except for naps and nightime by the end of the summer, but we'll see. I'm perfectly willing to back off if she needs to.

We have a few plans. We would like to go to the zoo. Camping might happen. Game nights with friends are a definite. Breaking out the fondue pot is a probability. Tomorrow is Sam's last day at work, and it's hard not to get too excited, but cleaning is also on the list, so that might curb my enthusiasm a little bit. Well, maybe not Hannah's. She thinks a scrub brush and a spray bottle are excitement sent from Heaven, hah!

We also discovered that the local grocery store had tiny carts for kids. This is dangerous, but uber cute. As if the race car carts weren't cute enough.