Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Big Day #2 (and more!)

Tomorrow, Mr. Myth and I will get in the car, drive the girls to preschool, then head in to the RE's office for another embryo transfer! Our clinic doesn't thaw until an hour before, so we won't know anything about the status of the baby until we enter the transfer room. I am taking prednisone (tastes like gasoline!), doxycycline, metformin, estrogen, aspirin, and injecting progesterone as we prep.

I've been trying something new with the progesterone shots. Rather than just go back and forth between the right and left buttocks, I've thrown self-injection into the thighs into the rotation. It is a lot more sore there the next day, as that muscle gets pulled more, but I think it will really help as these two weeks drag on to distribute the pain level as the inevitable medication buildup happens. A warm soak with some epsom salts made a big difference in the soreness level the next day, too.

Girls have been sick lately, with both Hannah and Ellie developing ear infections that eventually required antibiotics. Ellie was diagnosed on Sunday with RSV, the cause of the double ear infection and a touch of pneumonia. She is doing noticeably better, but still pretty clingy. If she doesn't seem perky in the morning, we'll probably bring her with us rather than leaving her at preschool.

Of course, the first day Ellie got a fever was the day she was scheduled to get her flu shot. When these things happen, it reminds me of how many people might say the shot "made her sick" if she had shown symptoms one day later than she did. Of course, the flu shot cannot make you sick with the flu or anything else, but had things panned out differently by 12 hours, many would be unable to shake the feeling that the shot somehow did it. Be that as it may, she'll go back next week for the flu shot, because I don't want her to get two severe respiratory illnesses in the same season, especially since she was trying to develop pneumonia this time.

Hannah got hers today though, the mist that sprays in the nose. I had told her we would go for ice cream after her "shot," so she not only didn't get a needle, she got to eat ice cream anyway! Sweet deal for her!

Hannah had a touch of excitement, in that she won a drawing at the library for a digital copy of the new, live-action Disney movie! We watched it tonight, and it was really very good. I don't know that it tops "Ever After," but it is definitely in the same league. I'm seeing princess movie night with her little friend and her cousin in the near future.

And, I can't help sharing this picture of Ellie channeling the Fresh Prince of Bel Air: She did this all by herself. Loves hats. Can't get enough of them. Ha!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tinkerbell gets more candy than Sad Ladybug. Barely.

It's that time of year again. The time when it's almost impossible to resist the urge to dress small children up and revel in their cuteness. And now that Hannah is in school, she has, you know, friends, so she knows what Trick or Treat is. In fact, we had a long talk about how we are never really allowed to pull down people's underwear, and the little song she learned is only for pretend, NEVER for real.

You know, teachable moments. 

So, we've had the great debate this month about what she is going to get dressed up as for, as I try to get her to call it (unsuccessfully), "National Kids Dress Up Day." Being three years old, Hannah has vacillated like a drunken top. I finally got her pinned down to being a cookie. No problem. I have, in my possession, a quilting hoop, an unused white sheet, a potato, and paint. So we made a cookie costume.

Then we went to the "Boo at the Zoo." Ellie had a ladybug costume we got from a friend, and she resolutely refused to take the antennae hat off, nor would she smile. Apparently the hat sucks all the joy out of her face, so we christened her "Sad Ladybug." 

That was last weekend. This past weekend, Hannah refused to wear the cookie outfit and insisted that she wear her much-used Tinkerbell dress up dress and wings. *fine.* At least she wore the cookie once. Ellie was once again the Sad Ladybug. We went to a fall festival at a local church, and it was way fun. Hannah got to roast her first marshmallow, they got lots of candy from people's trunks, and nothing was scary. 

The funniest thing was watching people react to the girls. Hannah was her gregarious self, playing every little game, saying "Thank you," and generally being a fairy of happiness. Ellie was the biggest grump, staring at people as if they were all going to bite her, and refusing to get down from Daddy's arms. And yet, people took as much, if not more notice of Ellie and gave her handfuls of candy even though she was as taciturn as a wooden stick. However, we did put her to bed afterward, and I took Hannah down the street to see our neighbors, so she out-candied Ellie in the end. 

We found a friend in a little bee baby and got pictures of them together- precious!!