Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hannah has really, truly crossed the threshold from bald-ish baby to having hair, amongst other significant changes in appearance and behavior in the last month. The most fun thing she has started doing is getting interested in clothes, so she'll bring me things to put on her that she finds lying around (isn't child development a great reason not to pick up laundry 100% of the time?).

This includes shoes:

And coats 15x too big for her:

She has also become quite vain. *Note length of pigtails!*

Fortunately, she can't see herself in the bathtub, right after the pigtails have been removed:

Also, as one of the students we work with so aptly pointed out tonight, she's getting so fat (aka, no more skinny baby)! *Note the double chin... she will kill me for this one in later years, but it's so cute.*

I wonder if this might not be due to her new-found status as a Peanut Butter junkie:

She's on an exercise program though, otherwise known as "learning to walk." Nothing extensive, but one should never start too quickly, right?

I couldn't get pictures of these, but she's started following directions to find her baby doll, then she'll have me rock it, then she'll give it hugs. She's learning and using 2 signs on a regular basis: "more" and "all done." "All done" was taught by Daddy, "more" she seemed to pick up on her own somehow- maybe from the other toddler on campus. No verbal words yet, but signs count, right? She'll be going to the doctor for her next checkup in a couple of weeks, and I'm curious to see where her growth percentages are now- they must be above 5th percentile with that awesome chin!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Camera for Valentine's Day

There has been a dearth of pictures here lately, mainly due to the fact that I cannot for the life of me get a good shot of Hannah. She sees/ hears/ senses the point-and-shoot, and she's crawling towards it with her hand out to grab it before I can get the shutter to click. Most of my pics for the last month or so have had her as a blur. Case in point:

Ooooh, almost in focus! Better luck next time, mom!
So when a friend of mine was selling an 5 year old Nikon for a fraction of the cost of a new one, we decided we could use some of our Christmas money to invest in it. I think we made the right choice, as it doesn't look like a cell phone, doesn't beep, and has a nice quick shutter speed, even with the flash. Plus, it takes nicer pictures! 

Today, Hannah got presents in the mail from her Sha Sha. We took pictures.

Don't pants go on my head?