Parents' Progress (Our Adoption Journey)

Here is a link to all of the posts related to our adoption journey, in chronological order. Posts will be added as I write them.

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Pregnancy After Infertility

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  1. im currently in the process of donating my embryos.. im torn about open or semi open. i have 2 kids, one step. 6 frosties.. im going to give 3 to 2 families.. i want pictures and i would like my kids to have the chance to know their biological siblings when their older...coming from someone whos been through the process do you think that's asking to much? i dont want to take anything away from perspective adoptive parents.. i know my new role as their mother is to give them life.. even if its not with me. I struggled for 5 years to have them, and as hard as it is, i know in my heart ea is the only option. im just struggling really bad with the type of adoption. I just read through your whole blog and kinda wanted to pick your brain..

  2. Hi Sheena,

    I've been waiting a bit to answer this because it is such a personal and important question! I can only answer from my own perspective, but let me say this: whatever you decide, there is a family the babies were meant to be with. Each one needs parents, so the question really is what do you think is best for them and best for you? If you can come to a conclusion on what your convictions are telling you, you won't regret your decision, and there will be a set of hopeful parents who will share that conviction.

    For us, we did the research and absolutely think that having the opportunity to know the donating family would be best for our children, but we also wanted them to have control over when and how that might happen. Each of us in this unique adoption puzzle is playing a very important part in bringing a baby into the world, and I am more than happy to share everyone's part with my daughter whose story it is. We didn't do completely open mostly out of a little bit of fear of offending because we're not the most frequently communicating family in the world. I send oictures and an update once a year, and shared this blog with our donating family (we go through the agency).

    I should do a full post on this. It's a great consideration. You could send me your e-mail privately by replying to a very old blog post, if you want more specifics about our arrangement. I'd just delete the comment via moderation after I got the e-mail address.