Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Internets and other problems

This is just a public service announcement that my internet has been no faster than a speeding turtle for the past several days, and I was told, when I called, that it would "hopefully" get looked at "sometime this week." I can't load pictures or do anything fun. Actually, I'm hoping that when I hit "publish" that it will, in fact, publish. 

Anyway, there are fun things to come! Tune in for: 

The Picnic o' Fun
Hannah turns 7 months and finally has her nursery mostly finished
Musings on my most out-of-place wedding gift
The Match

Friday, July 13, 2012

Random pic of the day

Because play saucers are so much more fun when they are not actually being played IN.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend fun with fireworks and Grandpa

We have had fun, fun, and more fun this week!

Wednesday, Hannah wore her outfit white-side-out (I made it reversible) for the 4th of July dinner:

Friday, she wore it blue-side-out for fireworks!

Sam an I decided we like the blue side the best, but they are both quite cute.

Grandpa came to visit, and helped with the fireworks and baby. Hannah is starting to get a little bit of stranger/ separation anxiety, and wasn't quite sure what to think of Grandpa, but she warmed up as the weekend went on!

Saturday was Mr. Myth's and my 5th anniversary! We drove to the "big city" where Grandpa drove around and watched the baby for an hour or so while we ate all by ourselves to celebrate. Hannah has never taken a bottle, and I haven't made any kind of effort to store extra milk for her, so this arrangement worked out perfectly. We found a local fine dining restaurant quite by accident, and then got a family picture before heading home. Haha, Hannah is so tired in this shot. She slept awesome that night! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sun, sand, and summer fun

Sam had his work holiday today instead of on the 4th, so we did all the fun summer things.

First, we broke the cardinal rule of parenting, and actually woke the baby up. I have a picture of her sleeping to prove it, and, incidentally... she is no longer swaddled for sleeping at all anymore!

Then, we schlepped her off to the beach, because she hasn't yet had the chance to wear her cool beach hat.

At first she wasn't sure what to think, or what was worth getting up early for.

Then, we got to the beach, with the sand, and the sun, and the breeze, and the cool pier to camp out under, and she loved it!

I LOVE the beach! Thank you for bringing me to the beach!


Then we got in the water. The following aptly summarize most of the water experience.

Not fun, not fun, not fun. >:(
I HATE the beach! Get me out of here!

Daddy, of course, being the magician with the camera that he is, caught her one moment of happiness on camera.

Then some nice tourists from Brazil/ Georgia (the state, not the country) offered to take a family shot (Yeah! I love family shots!):

At this point, we were in naptime territory, so we bailed and let her sleep in the car for the hour it took to get home. Except we didn't go home, we stopped at the park so that we could eat the picnic lunch we'd packed for the beach.

This was, incidentally, also Hannah's first time at the park, so we tried out the swings! That went muuuuuch better than the ocean. She loved her some swing time while Daddy set up the picnic. Notice the yellow watermelon that nicely matches her outfit. Totally unplanned, but it cuts down on stains! 
Yellow watermelon is delicious, by the way.

And, now she's asleep again. Tomorrow morning, I am NOT waking her up early! Fun things to look forward to in the next week: Grandpa (my dad) is coming to visit for the weekend! I finished a fun dress for the 4th, and it's reversible, so we'll get some good mileage out of it over the course of the actual 4th, the fireworks on the 6th, and church on Sunday.

This Saturday, Sam and I will have been married 5 years, and Grandpa is going to babysit for a couple of hours while we eat dinner together. I'm so excited!