Friday, July 11, 2014

Summertime.... and the living is easy.

It's hard to believe that summer is halfway over. I would like to say that I  haven't posted anything because we've been sooooo busy, but the truth is quite the opposite; I haven't done much of anything because we've been sooooo relaxed these days. We officially completed our time at the boy's ranch ministry, and moved back to our hometown at the end of April. We're renting for now, but will be moving again when we find a house to purchase that's closer to the job Mr. Myth is starting in August.

That's right- new job, new house, new community coming up next! The job is at a charter school that focuses heavily on math (Mr. Myth's specialty) and science. It's an exciting career move and his making a normal teaching salary will allow me to stay home with little girls again.

So, what HAVE we been doing?

Well, in May we went on a BIG TRIP to see a family member graduate medical school and made several stops along the way:

First we saw my friends from college who have little girls about the same age. Then we saw cousins at the graduation/ commissioning ceremony. Then we went to see Sam's aunt and uncle, and concluded with visiting the girls' third cousins a good friend who had recently moved away. 2 weeks on the road was plenty. I'm glad to be done, but I'm also glad for the fantastic opportunity afforded us to take the trip. Here's a sample of the fun.

Who doesn't love a pool?

First cousins!

Shameless "my kid likes healthy food" brag pic.

Third cousins!

Porch swing on a summer evening- perfect.
What else? Well... not much. We go to the park a lot. We go to the library for story time. We walk to the grocery store around the corner that gives out cookies. We have my sister and the cousins over for a little post-partum exercise session a couple of times a week (her little boy is 2 days older than Ellie!). Mr. Myth had a minor surgery a couple of weeks ago, so we've been laying low and even watching some Veggie Tales in the evenings. Hannah doesn't know that the originals aren't the cool hip thing for kids right now!

It has been so. nice. Just hanging out as a family and having time for friends whenever has been a huge breath of fresh air. I love summer. Soon enough things will get hectic again, in different ways, but I hope we can hold onto some of the solidarity and enjoyment of each other's company that we've been reveling in recently. The most recent picture-worthy thing we did was the 4th of July parade. There was a water fountain incident on the way back, I could tell you, or I could show you:

"Oh look! Water!"

"I'm wet..."