Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pool safety prep

Our state boasts the highest preschool drowning rate in the nation. When we did our homestudy, we would have had to do extra education if there was a body of water close to our home (there wasn't). However, water safety and my kids is high on my list of Things That Scare The Living Daylights out of me. I'm a strong swimmer, but that doesn't mean a moment of inattention and water naive children won't have horrible outcomes. So, I was so glad to get Hannah in swimming lessons this year. 

We went to the local pool for a 1/2 hour lesson every day for 2 weeks. She now has a good idea of how to kick, hold her breath for a brief dunk, and has started using her arms when guided in a swimming motion. I wouldn't say "she can swim," but her awesome teacher has brought her a lot closer to it. While she was in lessons, we brought Ellie in to the pool ourselves to start getting her used to it and hopefully show her some floating techniques as well. She got a little freaked out by being rolled on to her back, but she at least isn't panicking the moment her skin hits the water anymore. 

Next year, they'll both be in lessons, for sure.

In other news, Ellie is doing great with the potty. She's starting to go on cue when sat on the potty before we leave the house, as well as only signalling when she actually needs to use the facilities (and going immediately when I take her). I'm thinking about putting her in underwear and seeing how she does with that. She is not taking herself even though the little potty is always available to her, so I might as well.

The funny thing about potty training is that I noticed that she does soft grunts a lot while breathing. I kept thinking she was going to poop.... but she wasn't, she was just breathing. I mentioned this to the ARNP at her appointment, and she ordered us an echo-cardiogram. She did hear a slight murmur, so we'll see if any of this is contributing to the other.