Wednesday, June 20, 2012

High Chair Acquired and Squash Ingested

We got a high chair today- $20 on Craig's List! Of course, we had to test it out, since her slight vaccine-induced temperature had gone away by evening and she was feeling 100% again. She looks so tiny in the great big chair! We've decided to forgo spoons and purees and jump straight into real food a la "baby-led-weaning," so Hannah got to test out her high chair and some steamed yellow squash slices at the same time. She managed to mangle a whole squash and swallow at least some of it. I think.

P.S. You see what I mean about her not smiling for my camera shots? Ha!

"You want me to do what? With that?"

"Mmphm, well, maybe I'll try a bit."
"Squash? What squash? I don't see any squash."

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