Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6 Month Checkup Stats

Hannah went for her 6 month checkup today, and weighed in in the lightweight category, at 13 lbs on the nose, and 25 inches. This is about the 5th percentile on both the CDC and the WHO growth charts for weight, and the 15th percentile for length. No concerns about either measurement from the NP. I am not a bit surprised considering how much this little girl moves! The new thing this week is pulling up to standing from a sitting position. She hasn't even totally mastered the sitting thing yet, much less the crawling thing, but if I sit her in front of something she can grab, she will grab it and get up onto her feet.

Tomorrow will probably not be a very active day though, because she got her shots, and last time she ran a low-grade fever and cuddled and nursed all day. She also wouldn't put weight on the leg with the tetanus in it, so I expect to get some loving from her tomorrow. As much as I love, love, love her little independent personality, I have at times wished she wanted to cuddle more, so I'm going to have to lap it up while it lasts, because I'm sure she'll be back to her squiggly self very soon.

And because my internet is working pretty well tonight, here is a picture of the apron I made Sam:

And a bonus, because I can't resist the pull of the cute Hannah/ Daddy picture:

"Whaaaat? Are you looking at me?"

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