Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Flapper Girls Take the Town

This past Saturday was a big, big night for Hannah and me. It was going to be a big, big night for all four of us, but Little Miss Ellie threw a fever at the last minute so Daddy stayed home with her and Hannah and I went out and about. Because Ellie was fine until early afternoon, we all dressed up anyway and took pictures before heading out the door. Hooray for Goodwill. Seriously. And online tutorials on hair and makeup, since I wasn't about to bob my hair.

So, off we headed to my sister's murder mystery party. I had thought the cousins were going to be there, but they weren't so it was just Hannah. She ended up "playing" the part of the mayor whose assigned person didn't show. Apparently, my sister is a master sorceress and ordered up a thunder storm just for effect. And, I didn't do it. Neither did Hannah, so we escaped unjailed. Hannah was ecstatic.

After that, we went to my best friend's speakeasy party, where there were little friends for Hannah to play with. My bestie is currently across the country doing a fellowship as an oncologist, so we hardly ever get to see each other. The little girls danced the night away, played puzzles, and learned to gamble (i.e., they counted chips and rolled/ threw dice). Hannah did not go to sleep until we finally left at 1am. Of course, she was still up at 7am Sunday morning, the rat. 

Obviously we had fun. This week, we are doing swimming lessons AND Vacation Bible School. Sam got into a continuing education class last minute, but next week he's off again and I'll be able to get some swimming lesson shots. I'm really glad she's in them since child drowning is such a big issue in my state. 

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