Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer is Nigh

For the first time ever, we are about to experience an honest-to-goodness summer break, and I am so excited! I don't have a newborn, Sam is not job hunting, and we get lots of weeks off just to enjoy our family.

To celebrate, I decided to try to potty train Ellie. I'm probably nutso. Hannah trained at 20 months, if I remember correctly, using some version of the "3-day method" which is recommended for 15 months of age. Ellie is 14 months... but summer is starting! What better time than now, when Daddy is going to be home with me to watch her like a hawk?

I started 2 days ago, which makes today day 3. And no, she's not trained like the method name implies, haha. She's doing the same thing Hannah did, in that once she realized that she's not supposed to go on the floor, she just holds it and holds it as long as she can. Today, we caught the tail end of a pee pee in the potty- she was running towards the bathroom while she was doing it, so I'm pretty sure she's got the idea. I'll be so excited if she's out of diapers except for naps and nightime by the end of the summer, but we'll see. I'm perfectly willing to back off if she needs to.

We have a few plans. We would like to go to the zoo. Camping might happen. Game nights with friends are a definite. Breaking out the fondue pot is a probability. Tomorrow is Sam's last day at work, and it's hard not to get too excited, but cleaning is also on the list, so that might curb my enthusiasm a little bit. Well, maybe not Hannah's. She thinks a scrub brush and a spray bottle are excitement sent from Heaven, hah!

We also discovered that the local grocery store had tiny carts for kids. This is dangerous, but uber cute. As if the race car carts weren't cute enough.

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