Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ready to Start Over

I have been horrible at keeping up. It's just... time I don't take. It's not as easy to sit and think when babies have multiplied and they're all walking and needing things, and those moments when they're sleeping are filled with things like... showering, and dishes, and helping Mr. Myth grade papers, and let's face it, I have a slight addiction to books.

Blogging was a lot easier when Hannah took 3 naps a day and I could count on 45 minutes of silence when nothing else seemed pressing.

But, I really, really, want this blog to work. I think about it often. Here's my plan: Thursdays. I'm scheduling it. I've successfully scheduled Wednesdays as budget day, I can schedule Thursdays as blog day.

Yes, I know it's Wednesday. But Mr. Myth is sick, so we're not grading tonight, and I have more time. But as long as I can get both girls to nap at the same time on Thursday, Thursday it will be.

In the meantime, here's a nice little timeline of how we've kept busy:

We cook:

We play with treasure:

We master the art of Selfies:

We fix cars:

We have tea with fairies:

Wow, this makes my life look fun and exciting. I guess that's when you take pictures, huh? That's why I need to continue this blog on a regular basis. I do have regular moments of beauty, and one post would just get cluttered with everything I should have been documenting. It makes me love where we are so much more when I can reflect like this.

Thursdays. It's on the calendar.

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