Monday, May 26, 2014

Mythbuster: Personal Edition

Under Inspection:

We can't get pregnant on our own


Infertility as a diagnosis sounds like a life sentence doesn't it? 

Factual Experience

As we have every intention of going back for Hannah's siblings, we had been taking steps to prevent a natural pregnancy prior to the next transfer. It kind of goes without saying that we weren't totally committed to our method of choice, since it seems very unlikely that we need to actually try to prevent.

Conclusion that I will never experience a viable pregnancy without medical intervention: FALSE

Since I have been gone for so long (and huge family updates will be coming soon), this is both a pregnancy and birth "announcement" for the two people who might sometimes follow my blog. I will save my thoughts on how this relates to our embryo adoption plans for another post.

Meet Eliora, our second bundle of unbelievability! Hannah has commandeered her already.

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