Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas is coming! Birthday is coming!

...And I still don't have internet at home. This is a very short post to say that in the last few months Hannah has:

-Started saying Mama, but is still working on Dada. At least she's not calling Daddy "Mama" anymore.
-Gotten very good at getting on her tiptoes to pull the phone off of the table.
-Made a habit of giving kisses.
-Started waving "bye-bye," but only to inanimate objects. People just get stared at.
-Perfected her "I'm so cute" face
-Developed a decided preference for chicken.
-Received enough bigger cloth diapers to get us through her next year of growing (thanks to the great Black Friday Deals listed on
-Not taken her first steps despite having been cruising on furniture since 6 months. I guess a watched pot never does boil.

My baby is so big. And when I say that, she throws her hands in the air as if to show how tall she's gotten. I wish I could share a picture!

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